Yoga for the body you live in today

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t require moving mountains; but it can feel that way when your very body is at odds with society’s estimation of who’s worthy. Yoga is a practice that has the power to transform lives. However, the teachings, traditions, and practice are not available if they're not accessible. Thanks to the dominant culture’s portrayal of what a yogi “should” look like, or even what yoga truly is, many people don’t even feel comfortable walking into a yoga studio. If your body doesn’t fit the image of a thin, white, hyper flexible woman at the pinnacle of her ‘wellness journey’, then it can feel pretty damn intimidating to even walk through the door. If you’re courageous enough to flaunt society’s narrative and brave a public class, you might experience the unpleasant discovery that the classes are not designed for you. They’re not designed to make space for your body. They’re not designed with the energy levels of someone living with chronic illness or pain in mind. 

They’re often designed by and for people who don’t experience life in a big body, a sick body, a body with a rocky history with movement and exercise. They’re designed by people who’ve never been the fattest in the room. My classes are different - because I’m different. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You’ve wanted to try yoga, or been told to try yoga by a doctor; but you don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve been seeking joyful movement and you’d like to do it in a safe, compassionate environment free of judgement; with no one trying to force you to do anything you're not ready for.
  • You think yoga might help you feel better but classes you’ve tried before haven’t been meant for you. They’re too fast, too advanced without options to build up, modify, or adapt. They don’t offer cues for a fat body, or a body with pain or illness.

I believe:

  • Yoga offers profound capacity for healing.
  • Every human should have access to this healing.
  • Having access to these teachings is difficult when you don’t feel safe going to a class.
  • Yoga CAN and SHOULD be adapted to fit your body. You do not need to force your body into any particular shape in order to be practicing yoga.

You might enjoy practicing with me if: 

  • You are tired of trying to punish your body into conformity; and you’re ready to try something different.
  • You’re seeking a body affirming Yoga experience that is designed with your amazing bod in mind - just as you are right now - today.
  • You need a gentle, compassionate, practice that fits YOUR body, and can be customized to your needs and energy levels for the day.

I found body acceptance through Yoga, and I want that for you too. My dharma lies in making the sacred teachings of yoga available to those of us living in bodies that don't conform. All of my classes are size-inclusive and body-affirming. That means I design classes to center big bodies; including cues to make yoga asana work for all the hills and valleys of the human body (and condition), and I discuss the teachings of yoga as they relate to body acceptance. My Spoonie classes address elements of living with chronic illness and chronic pain; and are designed to be accessible to those with low energy or limited mobility. All classes offer tools and strategies for living in this world.

People in ALL bodies are welcome!

I snapped the photo at the top of the page at Oregon's Silver Falls State Park. It's incredibly gorgeous there!